Welded Wire Fence
Welded Wire Fencing is an efficient and fairly easy to install fence compared to some types of fencing. Itís sturdier then other mesh fencing and does not need to be stretched out which really cuts down on the work. This fencing is pretty light yet durable, its composition is simply wire welded together to make a fence. There are several gauges you can choose from depending on your needs, obviously the higher the gauge the more durable the fence. (remember, the higher the gauge number, the small the wire size) A welded wire fence has many uses. It works well if you are looking for something to line and protect your property. Perhaps you are trying to create an enclosed space to keep your children or pets safe. Another great use is creating a barrier around your garden to keep animals from getting in or burrowing through.
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Galvanized Welded Wire Yard & Farm Fence
Our 12.5 gauge Galvanized Welded Wire Fence is our strongest, most durable wire fence. Commercial coating, automatic welding that ensures a consistently strong bond. A good choice for everything from concrete reinforcement, to tree guards, yard fencing, and animal control. This gauge fence has 2" x 4" mesh openings and is typically stocked in both 50' and 100' rolls from 3' to 5' tall and a 6' x 50'. (6' x 100' roll available to order)   695-190 thru 695-197
From fencing a garden to fencing dogs, our 14 gauge Welded Wire Fence is an excellent multi-purpose fence that is easily installed because of the ability to cut and bend the wire with minimum stress. Welded Wire can be fabricated to meet your specific needs and is durable and dependable for everyday use. Welded Wire works great for a temporary situation because it is easy to remove, re-roll and store for later use.  This gauge fence has 2" x 4" mesh openings and is typically stocked in both 50' and 100' rolls from 3' to 5' tall and a 6' x 50'. (6' x 100' roll available to order)   695-210 thru 695-217
For a light duty welded wire fence we offer a 16 gauge high quality galvanized steel fence, with welded cross wires for added strength. All cross wires are trimmed flush for smooth uniformed edges, allowing for easy installation. Use for lawn fence, animal pens, tree and flower guard, and trash. Also for mulch holders and other DIY projects. Stocked in 2', 3', and 4' x 50' rolls

Our Heaviest Welded Wire Fence is our Heavy Duty Welded 4 gauge Wire Panels. These 16' long panels have more uses than just for fencing (Pea Trellis and Tomato cages to name a couple). We typically stock all three sizes/styles. The 34" high Hog Panel has 11 horizontal wires with close spacings at the bottom, the 52" high cattle panel with its 10 horizontal wires spaced 6 inches apart can even be adapted to feeder panels for sheep and goats and the 52" Combo panel has 13 horizontal line wires, making it a multi-purpose panel for cattle, hogs or just about anything you can think of to use it for.  Your biggest challenge will be transporting it home as they will not fit in your SUV or even in a short bed pickup, although we have seen some interesting methods to fasten them on to one's vehicle. We recommend a trailer or at least an 8' bed truck with a couple of 12' or longer planks laid down for stability.
             Hog Panel  696-061                               Cattle Panel 696-062         Combo Panel 696-063      
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Standard Mesh 1" x 2" 14 gauge GBW (galvanized BEFORE weld) wire rolls 50' and 100'
long. Sold in whole rolls only. Available in the following roll widths: 24" x 25', 24" x 100', 36" x 50', 36" x 100', 48" x 50', 48" x 100', Inquire about availability of 60" and 72" tall rolls.      695-200 thru 695-205
Galvanized Cage Wire by the foot. We cut to desired length two widths of 16 gauge cage wire with a  mesh
size of 1/2" x 1". Ideal for rabbit cage and poultry cage flooring or any number of home and farm projects requiring a small mesh barrier stronger than poultry netting or hardware cloth. We stock 24" wide and 36" wide rolls and can easily order a 100' roll for you if your project requires it.     695-140,141
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Hardware Cloth is a woven fabric utilizing hard drawn wire for added strength, rigidity and uniformity of meshes. Welded steel and galvanized after weaving by the hot dip process to assure uniform dense coating of protective zinc. Use for screen door and window guards, sieve for soil screening, gutter and chimney guards. Also used for small pet cages and small plant & tree protection.            

Hardware Cloth comes in 1/4" and 1/2" mesh openings. We stock 24" x 36" widths in 5' long handy rolls and 24", 36" and 48" in 50' long rolls in both mesh sizes.     695-8xx
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For a more attractive yard & garden fence we stock a 16 gauge vinyl covered 2" x 3" mesh fence. Galvanized before welding, then plastic coated over 16 gauge wire. Thick plastic coating is weatherproof, resists chipping, and peeling. Use for property and garden enclosures, split rail fence backing. Green color blends invisibly with foliage. We stock 50' rolls in 2', 3' and 4' heights.  695-313,314,315
Our heavier 14 gauge green vinyl covered galvanized fence features 2" x 4" mesh openings. We stock 50' rolls in 4', 5', and 6' heights.   695-325,326,327
Round Top Green Folding Vinyl Covered Fence. Use for Flower and Plant Borders, Decorative Landscape Accents, To Protect Shrubs and Gardens. Self Staking For Easy Set-Up, Folds Flat For Storage. 24" high by 10' long.   695-266
14" x 20' Scroll Top border Flower Fence. Weather resistant vinyl coated. 14" high with built-in stakes, open mesh design for clear viewing of flowers. Used for flower bed borders and protection of flowers as well as trellis or plant supports. Decorative landscaping accent. Available in Green or White  695-268,269
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